Wednesday, May 2, 2007

news of web 2.0

The Technology Taskforce attended the "Computers in Libraries" conference, and came back with new skills, saw some great opportunities, and some facinating information as it relates to Libraries and technology.

From Becky Shives, the Director of Village Library, we get the following:

The title of the opening day keynote address at the Computers in Libraries conference was "Web 2.0 and What It Means to Libraries". The speaker, Lee Rainie of the Pew Internet and American Life Project, focused on six aspects of the Web 2.0 world that should matter to libraries.

Number 1: "The Internet has become the computer." Translation: More people use the Internet, more often, and from more places. More people have faster connections, which makes video more prevalent and makes people's use of the Internet more social. Here are some stats:

  • In 2000, 62% of American adults had a computer--but only 46% had Internet access. Today, 75% have a computer and 73% have Internet access.
  • At the same time home broadband access (cable, DSL, etc. as opposed to dial up) has increased from 3% to 46%.

  • Because of broadband, video has become a large part of the online experience. 85% of young broadband users have watched video online. 19% have posted videos.

  • On a typical day, 49% of the public go online; up from 24% in 2000.

  • People go online from more places: 89% of teens go online from home; 75% from school; 70% from a friend or relative's computer; and 50% from a library.

  • Other things teens do online:
    67% play games online with others;
    67% share photos; and
    39% share computer files.

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