Monday, April 23, 2007

Catch a flick at Southern York!

Each and every Saturday, there are movies shown at Southern York County free of charge and for folks of all ages.

Now, you might be laboring under a mistaken impression; some people think that Libraries find the most obscure and stale movie, blow the dust off of the VHS tape, and cram it into a creaky and cranky player for their patron's "enjoyment."

Not So! Could not be any further from the truth... not only are these new releases on DVD, but they're being shown with a gorgeous projector in a home theatre-like experience. Portable, practical, and given to the library for this express purpose, this new projector will last for many years.

Although the licence for showing movies prevents us from digitally advertising EXACTLY what's being shown, this page has some hints as to what newly released movies are being offered. If you can't figure out the hints, feel free to call the library and ask. (717) 235-4313

10:30 are movies for everyone, 1:00 feature films rated PG-13 and are suitable for teens and adults.

A few kid-safe examples are; Flicka, Shrek 2, and Night at the Museum.

Stranger than Fiction, The Guardian, and Dreamgirls are other examples of movies that might be shown for teens and adults.

We aren't offering popcorn (yet) but you can get free coffee every Saturday.

Both programs are underwritten by the Friends of Southern York County Library to whom we are very grateful.

Would you like to help the library offer fun, relevant, and exciting programs for the community? Become a Friend of the Library!

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